Integrated consultancy

Among the financial services most used by the financial industry is the creation of investment products that are typically Ucits compliant. The financial services provided by Ambrosetti Asset Management are actively managed investment strategies that are packaged by client in investment funds , Sicav funds or ETFs and the like, in order to maximise expected returns.

Therefore, the use of AAM active strategies, as well as in a customised way (customised consultancy), can take place using already available products that incorporate dedicated AAM strategies developed on the needs of professional clients.

The following is a brief description of AAM strategies now incorporated into Ucits compliant products:

An investment strategy that aims to create self-contained volatility returns independent of stock and bond markets, realised in a dedicated Sicav fund.
An investment strategy that aims to achieve returns from predominantly global bond investments realised in a dedicated Sicav fund.
A flexible investment strategy of a global character that pursues the objective of achieving returns from equity oriented investments with low volatility, realised in a dedicated fund.