Investment consultancy activities were regulated in 2007 by the European legislator with the first version of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, better known as the MiFID.
Ambrosetti Asset Management realises investment recommendations that are MiFID Compliant, in other words that conform to the following characteristics:


The use of proprietary models (Evidence Base Performance Analysis, EBPA®) ensures total autonomy in fully implementing the recommendations in the interest of the client.


The exclusive dedication to issuing investment MiFID-Compliant recommendations differentiates the activities of Ambrosetti Asset Management from the services of multi-functional companies that also obtain benefits from activities other than pure consultancy.

non-discretionary approach

The proprietary approach of Ambrosetti Asset Management ensures an average forecast success rate of 70%, ensuring a remarkably effective risk/return ratio from investment recommendations.


The professionals of Ambrosetti Asset Management are experts in the use of the most sophisticated existing consultancy techniques.


The specific company know-how is also reflected in the habit of realising the most appropriate solutions according to individual client needs.